Tips to Picking the Perfect Wedding Date

December 20th, 2022

A bride holding a tasteful bouquet of white roses with a few fuschia colored flowers throughout

You have popped the big question, and now you and your beloved are onto wedding planning. One of the essential elements of the wedding planning process is picking the date. Though this can seem one of the most daunting tasks, our team at Clarkes Jewelers are here to help. We’ve put together a guide to the most important things to consider when selecting a wedding date for this momentous day that will live on in your memories.

Choose A Season

It is common to have a favorite season of the year. For instance, if you’re particularly averse to more extreme temperatures, perhaps you prefer the fall or spring. Some may adore fresh fallen snow and a nip in the air, while others might want their wedding to occur in the summer heat. The very first step in narrowing down your wedding date is to choose the season you most want your wedding to take place during, ensuring your comfort and happiness on this most important of days.

A man slipping a wedding band onto his soon-to-be spouse’s finger

Consider the Length of Your Engagement

Once you’ve settled on a season, you may also need to consider how long you want your engagement to last. Doing so will help to determine whether you’ll have your wedding, for example, in the fall of the current year or the next. Many couples don’t mind a longer engagement, but if you and your partner are quick to elope, you may want to opt for a more rapidly-approaching date.

Find A Venue

Deciding on a venue will allow you to narrow down to an exact date. Once you’ve selected a space you love, confer with the owners on the available days. Choose a venue that will particularly suit the time of year you choose. For example, an outdoor venue will be lovely in the fall or spring, while indoor venues will shelter you and your guests from the more extreme weather conditions of the winter and summer months.

Married couple holding hands, with three stone halo engagement ring visible

Confer With Your Family Members and Friends

It’s also essential to ensure everyone in your wedding party and your dearest family and friends can attend on the date you choose. It would be unfortunate if your maid of honor or best man could not attend because of another wedding or important event they were required to participate in that day. After all, this is your wedding day, and you’ll want to be surrounded by all the people in your life who mean the most to you.

Think of Significant Dates

While this isn’t exactly the most imperative thing to consider in the wedding planning process, it can provide extra sentimentality to the date you choose. Think of important dates in your life, such as when you and your partner met, when you went on your first date, etc. Having your wedding on one of these days would be all too fitting.

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