Side Stone Rings

Round cut diamond ring with diamonds going around the band sitting on top of a bouquet of tiger lilies

The side stone engagement ring balances radiant spectacle with understated glamor. Side stone rings place gemstone accents on the shank surrounding the center stone. These accents are available in a myriad of styles and settings, each evoking its own unique look. Some rings exhibit colorful gemstones like rubies and sapphires, while others showcase gems and stones in channel, pave, and prong settings. Such versatility inspires jewelry designers from all across the world. These talented brands create a plethora of beautiful side stone rings that are easy to love. Find a ring perfect for you at Clarkes Jewelers.

An emerald cut center stone on a yellow gold band with diamonds along the band

Imagine Bridal is an extraordinary brand specializing in creating luxurious, spectacular engagement rings and wedding bands. All of their jewelry is heavy with brilliant diamonds while featuring both classic and eccentric silhouettes. Some rings have exquisite, intermingling shanks imbued with sparkling diamonds. This creates a romantic, sentimental chic emboldened by beautiful gemstones. A few Imagine Bridal engagement rings even incorporate blue sapphires into the side stone pave, contrasting the blue with vibrant diamonds. Others have split shanks, placing a gap in the band for a more complex look. Find something suitable for a lifetime of romance with Imagine Bridal.

A bride with her side stone engagement ring that features clusters of small diamonds on the sides of the center stone

Sylvie crafts a myriad of unique, creative engagement ring collections. The Sidestone collection showcases several extravagant side stone rings, each beautiful and gorgeous. Sylvie’s signature metalwork is on full display, with ornate beading and intricate diamond details. These rings are elegant and sublime, evoking images of romance and glamor. Some pieces have similarly marvelous side profile accents and distinctive modern geometry. It’s easy to fall head over heels for these extraordinary side stone rings. While named after other settings, the Halo and Three Stone collections also feature side stone engagement rings.

A princess cut center stone with round diamonds along the side

Clarkes Jewelers is Shreveport’s ultimate source for fine fashion and bridal jewelry. Our exceptional selection of designer brands is peerlessly vibrant and varied. Due to our mission to provide Shreveport with the most fashionable and brilliant jewelry, we stock our store with the latest and most popular pieces. In addition to engagement rings, we have wedding bands in-store that are well-suited for any taste. We can also provide expert jewelry repair services including polishing, part replacement, cleaning, resizing, and more. Create your own side stone ring with help from our talented goldsmiths and gemologists. Call our Louisiana jewelry store directly at (318) 865-5658 to speak with our staff.