Norman Silverman

About Norman Silverman

At Clarkes Jewelers, we are proud to house a selection of stunning jewelry by Norman Silverman, a brand synonymous with poise in the jewelry world. Founded on a passion for diamonds and precision, Norman Silverman has been crafting exquisite pieces since 1983. Inspired by the beauty of diamonds, the brand specializes in creating pieces that highlight the natural brilliance of these precious stones. Their signature design elements include bold settings and intricate details, which make their jewelry stand out. By housing Norman Silverman, we offer our clients not just jewelry, but heirlooms that celebrate life's most precious moments.

Popular Norman Silverman Collections

Our cherished customers have the opportunity, here in our showroom, to browse Norman Silverman's bridal jewelry collection, renowned for its sophistication and distinctive design. Norman Silverman's big, bold engagement rings are celebrated for their extraordinary diamond settings, which maximize brilliance and create a captivating sparkle. The wedding bands are no less impressive, featuring intricate details and seamless craftsmanship. These pieces often incorporate unexpected silhouettes and rare diamond cuts, offering a modern twist on classic styles. This blend of tradition and innovation makes Norman Silverman's bridal jewelry a distinguished choice for those seeking exceptional beauty and quality.

In the fashion jewelry collection from Norman Silverman you'll find an exquisite selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and fashion rings, each marked by distinct and elaborate designs. Norman Silverman expertly combines bold, contemporary designs with classic grace. The necklaces in this collection are particularly striking, featuring intricate diamond arrangements that command attention while maintaining grace. Earrings vary from understated studs to dramatic drops, each piece set with diamonds chosen for their exceptional quality. Bracelets and fashion rings are notable for their innovative design and use of premium diamonds, transforming each item into a wearable work of art.

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Discover unparalleled bridal and fashion jewelry at Clarkes Jewelers, where we proudly feature top-tier brands like Norman Silverman. Renowned for their timeless elegance and enduring quality, these pieces are crafted to last a lifetime. The selection available in our Shreveport jewelry store is meticulously curated, ensuring every item resonates with luxury and exclusivity. Additionally, we offer custom design and expert repair services, catering to all your jewelry needs. For an experience tailored specifically to you, request an appointment with our experienced team members for a personalized consultation, where your jewelry dreams can turn into reality.