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The Rolex team at Clarkes Jewelers

Our Rolex team

Rolex timepieces can only be crafted by the most skilled watchmakers and exhibited by the most knowledgeable retailers.
At Clarkes Jewelers, we strive to give our customers the highest quality pieces and the most luxurious experience— it’s one of our family’s most important core values.

The Clarkes Jewelers Rolex team

A commitment to perfection

Our first showroom opened its doors in 1931, and through Leroy and Gladys Clarke’s hard work and dedication, their business would survive the test of time and provide Louisiana with luxury goods for four generations. We may have changed locations, but we have never compromised on our commitment to peerless service and style. With over 60 years of combined experience providing quality Rolex timepieces to our community, our partnership with Rolex is one of our crowning achievements. Our ability to guide customers through Rolex’s extensive collections is unmatched— whether it’s a sleek Air-King or a Cosmograph Daytona, our incredible professional staff can show you marvels.

Our Rolex team at Clarkes Jewelers

Expert services and maintenance

The spectacular journey of a Rolex timepiece does not end as soon as it leaves the store. As these watches are both highly fashionable and meticulously functional, they will quickly become an essential part of your wardrobe. They will occasionally require cleaning and maintenance no matter how often they are worn— that is why we offer our on-site watch cleaning and maintenance services. While it may be possible to do some basic cleaning at home, our experts are skilled in the art of making a Rolex shine its brightest and function at its best its entire life. We can also assist with watch resizing to ensure that your newest timepiece fits perfectly.

Our Team of Rolex professionals at Clarkes Jewelers